In the discovery of the girls and stupid engrossments

Our organizers(presenters) will be present throughout the route(course) of the garden of tops to present you to the small inhabitants of the garden: birds, mammial youngs, insects, etc.

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We suggest you to small inhabitants of the Garden of Tops:

  • The birds, with observation lying in wait in the skin of the ornithologist;
  • Mammals, by investigating imprints on the ground, eaten fruits and walnuts, marks(brands) on trees and wastes left by animals;
  • The peach(fishing) and the observation of the small animals of the pool, with the material(equipment) of the small scientist;
  • Bees in the apiary and the other pollinating insects;
  • The small animals of the ground and of the compost, by observing with the small material(equipment) of the scientist;
  • Observation and welcome(reception) of the auxiliaries(aids,assistants) of the garden.

About the venue

The Garden of Tops is a big(great) park located in 1000m by height in Plateau d'Assy. This 3 hectare garden, drawn by the Workshop(Studio) and created in 2008 by "Field of Tops", begun(undertaken) by insertion, offers a panorama of exception throughout so sensory route(course) as pedagogic. Kitchen gardens of world, botanical collections, bare and sound(resounding) strolls of the Alpine universes. Open from May 25th till October 7th.

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