Demonstration in solidarity with Russian civil society

Demonstration in support of the Russian civil society, which is currently under serious threat after Putin's government introduced several oppressive laws.

Participants aim to direct the attention of EU officials towards the ongoing repressions in Russia against civil society organizations, political activists, minority groups and the LGBT community. The goal of the demonstration is to speak out against homophobia, xenophobia and the crackdown on civil society.

Since 2012, hundreds of Russian NGOs were subject to an unprecedented wave of inspections.

International solidarity with Russian civil society is crucial. With the Sochi Olympic Games taking place next month, the time is ripe for Europe to ensure that human rights protection and civil society support are the highest priority in their negotiations with the Russian Federation.

More than 30 Belgian and International organizations are supporting this manifestation.

Among surprises we will have a Belgian rugby team, dancers and civil society activists from Moscow!

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