Viva Orchestrated him(her,it)

Fête de la musique 2019

  • Musique classique
Concert Viva l'Orchestra 2017 - Photo : Mathieu Génon

The fifth edition(publishing) of Viva Orchestrated him(her,it)! This year still the big(great) amateurs find the Orchestre National de France. A project intended(designed) for the amateur musicians of all ages and all levels. Join Viva orchestrated him(her,it) (opening of applications(candidacies) on Monday, September 3rd, 2018). Modeste Moussorgski / Maurice Ravel Paintings(Boards) of an exhibition(exposure): Walks, Big(Great) door of Kiev Alexandre Glazounov Seasons, summer: Waltz of cornflowers and of poppies, Barcarolle Sergueï Rachmaninov Singing exercise Igor Stravinsky Tango Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski Serenade for ropes: Waltz Nutcracker: Dance of reed pipes Dmitri Chostakovitch Continuation(Suite) of ballet n°1: Polka Dimitri Kabalevski The actors: Gallop - Marche(Walking) Dmitri Chostakovitch Continuation(Suite) of jazz n°2: Waltz n°2 Anatole Liadov Dance of the horsewoman Aram Khatchatourian Farce: Waltz Orchestra(Band) of Big(Great) amateurs de Radio France Orchestre National de France Jesko Sirvend direction