SuperJava(Superpopular waltz) / 22.06

Fête de la musique 2019

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From the whole world, it is one electro music-pop brilliant and solar that allowed to move closer to four members of SuperJava(Superpopular waltz). When Archibald and Alexandre met in the corridor(lane) of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2015 having spent their childhood respectively in Jakarta (on the Java Island) and in Lima, the first funky riffs and the swinging of the group were played. It is however in Paris in 2016, with the retro melodies of Arnaud's keyboard and Antonine's hectic rhythmics, which SuperJava(Superpopular waltz) really began to take off. With the outing(exit) of their first single All in All on Web, the group became the subject of conversation of the city and therefore began to go round summer(summery) music festivals after only a few months of existence. In May, 2018, the group published its first EP JAVALAND, a mixture of funk and of pop, mixing(involving) strong sensations and solar rhythms. An air interspersed with starry singing exercises, the original soundtrack of a road-trip on fine sand beaches. %link0% / in / event / superjava-pop-and-funk-diamond-2019-music-day