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Fête de la musique 2019

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As every year, the Alliance Française de Nairobi will open its garden stage to music lovers and professionals for the Fête de la Musique.

The evening will begin with performances by amateur musicians and performances by Alliance Française students between 5pm and 7pm.

These will be followed by concerts by local and international artists including:

- Simply Blacque band led by singer DyaLi Ogoti with a mix of Afro-centric influences from East, West and South Africa,

- MamaKaffe, Franco-Ivorian singer mixing Jamaican dancehall and hip hop,

- Traditional musicians and dancers representing the diverse cultures of Kenya,

  • DJ Coco em, Labdi and Ndululululu, with a special performance that mixes electronic and afro-instrumentalist music.

The headliners for 2019 are the group Gato Preto, composed of Femcee Gata Misteriosa, who grew up in Lisbon and is from Mozambique, DJ/producer Lee Bass, from Ghana and Germany, accompanied by the Senegalese djembe master, Moussa Diallo. With an Afro-futuristic performance, Gato Preto promises a carnival atmosphere with his high-energy live performances combining electronic rhythms and powerful live percussion - a mix of world music and today's club attitude.

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