LP DUET / Electro LP New music for piano / retro synth-pop futurist

“classic Elegance, freedom of jazz and power of rock n roll” Carnegie Hall New York 2014

For more than 14 years, LP DUET tests the infinite possibilities of the piano in four hands, developing so a new approach of contemporary music for piano. The set(group) tries to exceed(overtake), to blur borders between chamber music and rock band.
LP DUET will play two concerts the Cultural centre of Serbia for the Fête de la musique: a first music concert for piano within the Cultural centre of Serbia, and a second concert, outdoor, with their alter ego - Electro LP.
Electro LP creates a sophisticated and contemporary electronic music using a large number of synthesizers in combination(overall) with rhythms of dance.

music, classic, piano, pop, modern, rock, syth, jazz