Fête de l'Eau'rope

What is the common point between the european day, the Kreiz Breizh, water, the inhabitants and professionnals of centre Bretagne? The "Fête de l'Eau'rope" of course!

Réalisation graphique: Élouan ROUMÉAS-NOËL

On WEDNESDAY, the 9th of MAY 2018

We expect you at the LOCK SCALE OF GLOMEL (between the 'manoir de Saint-Péran' and the watersport center of Créharer) to celebrate Europe and this amazing and irreplacable ressource that is Water!

The program:

  • STORYTELLING STROLL for all ages
  • HIKING CONFERENCE about water: departure at 11am and 4pm
  • GÉOCACHING: initiation from 10.30am to 12am / from 2pm to 3.30pm / from 4pm to 5.30pm
  • KAYAK on the canal all day long:
    Prices: 12€ full price / 10€ reduced fare / 2€ less when you do the Géocaching path
  • For those who need, JOËLETTES rides
  • BMX initiations and demonstrations all the day
  • VTT rides: departure at 10.30am and at 3pm

And of course a EUROPEAN VILLAGE:

  • GAMES about Europe
  • Films about Europe
  • European MUSIC with the band 'SEM à l'Ouest'
  • Food: Reunion meal, english snacks, bretons meals...
  • Some drinks (always moderated)


#FeteEurope #Bretagne

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