Sunday 1 September, 16:00
CHF 0.-
September 2024
Sunday 1
16:00 - 17:00
Accessible to the motor impaired
16 to 99 years old

MEG X Festival La Bâtie : Guided tour "Memories. Geneva in the colonial world".

Guided tour of the exhibition Memories. Geneva in the colonial world by Fabio Rossinelli, historian, and Floriane Morin, exhibition curator
Sunday 1 September, 16:00
CHF 0.-
Flavie Enrico

What makes the Musée d'ethnographie a key player in the colonial context in Geneva and Switzerland, and what do its collections have to say about it? For this tour, historian Fabio Rossinelli, who contributed to the historical content of the exhibition, and Floriane Morin, the exhibition's curator, will share their insights into the colonial history of Geneva's Museum of Ethnography. Together, they will take you on a thematic and historical tour of the exhibition, which traces a global history of colonisation through the prism of Geneva and Switzerland in general. Along the way, different voices and events bear witness to past and present resistance to colonialism.

Speakers: Floriane Morin: exhibition curator and head of the Africa collections at MEG Fabio Rossinelli: historian and scientific expert on the historical content of the exhibition.

Times: 4pm-5pm
Free admission and no registration required.
Age: 16 and over.
In collaboration with La Bâtie festival, MEG, UNIGE, GTG and TFM.

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About the location

Boulevard Carl-VOGT 65, 1205 Genève

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