Saturday 21 October 2023, 15:00Passed
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October 2023
Saturday 21
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ArchTalk 2.0 | Call for Submission

The Save Cultural Heritage Group presents Season 2 of ArchTalk, bringing together individuals from various disciplines to share their research & work experiences in archaeology and cultural heritage.
Saturday 21 October 2023, 15:00Passed
Registration Required, Free Access, Online

ArchTalk #schgArchTalk | October 21st, 2023

To celebrate International Archaeology Day, the Save Cultural Heritage Group has decided to launch the new format ArchTalk to bring together people from various fields and disciplines related to archaeology and cultural heritage, and to have them share insights in their research as well as their work experience. After a successful start of Season 01 in 2022, we are looking forward to Season 02 this October!

Theme 1: Ancient Paths & Modern Tracks
Let us explore the historical and archaeological heritage in modern media! We invite you to share the representation of history, cultural heritage, and archaeology in modern media products. The inclusion of the historical past is present in many products surrounding the digital platforms, such as series, films, novels, video games, and comics. How (terribly or brilliantly) are these reconstructions of the past introduced to the general public? To what extent could these products be of interest or use to portray different ideologies, projections of the present time and narratives of self-definition? Topics of interest may include: new narratives on historical discourses; representation of historical societies and interpretations of conflict in modern media; colonialism and orientalism; urbanism, spaces and geography in digital reconstructions and their insertion in video games; 3D and reconstructions of archaeological sites.
Theme 2: Climate Change & Cultural Heritage
Have you ever thought of how climate change impacts cultural heritage? A culture’s heritage is a valuable source of knowledge of past traditions and craftsmanship, inspiring present-day generations to build an innovative future. As such, creating strategies for safeguarding and restoring cultural heritage has become more important than ever. Not only on a higher level with the development of international or national policies related to climate change but already starting with archaeologists and cultural heritage experts on a more local level. This involves effective solutions related to environmental sustainability. In the future, strategic processes regarding the preservation of cultural heritage (sites) will be key in implementing successful methodologies for protecting cultural heritage world-wide. We ask you to think about the following questions: What effects does climate change have on cultural heritage? How can we save and maintain our heritage? How does it affect the working methods of archaeologists and other professions in the heritage sphere? How can past events help us cope with climate change?

Theme 3: Accessible Communication in Archaeology
The way that archaeological research is conveyed to the general public plays a vital role in both the development of the discipline itself, as well as the accuracy of our understanding of the past. Archaeology is considered broadly as a ‘social science’ with a clear relevance to society in helping to understand the past and to build a better future. However, a sense of adventure, fiction, and mysticism is often perpetuated through popular depictions in the media, having led to the rise of pseudo-archaeological “documentaries”, which are often inaccurate but generally accepted as truth due to the accessible way in which ideas are communicated. Considering these points, how can archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals highlight the relevance of their research in a way that can attract the general public? We are inviting you to share your ideas and your experience with us! Some suggestions could be: supplementing scientific publications with more approachable platforms such as social media and podcasting, providing accessible contact through popular media channels such as TV shows and magazines, or incorporating a more subtle communication of ideas through links with physical crafts and activities.

Each participant will have 10 minutes to present their work as a PowerPoint presentation/ live video/ pre-recorded/ documentary or via different media. These talks will be followed by a discussion/Q&A, involving the presenters and their chosen topics.

Important Dates:
Receiving submissions from Thursday, June 01, 2023 until 11:59pm (GMT+1) on August 31, 2023. Everyone will be notified of their submission’s status within 48 hours. If you don't hear back by then, send us an email or DM us on Twitter |

| Facebook.

Note: All submissions are presented as anonymous when reviewed and voted on by our review Committee. Students' race, ethnicity, gender, and/or sexual orientation will never affect the status of their submission; all are welcome to submit. The Director Academics reserves the right to reject submissions for reasons that violate our Non-Discrimination Policy.

If your submission does not follow our content/copyright guidelines, we can't accept it. We're all in the same boat of adjusting to this new system so if you have any questions or concerns, email us.

Poster, Content Guidelines and Copyright Guidelines:


Submission Form

For queries please send an email to schgarchtalk@gmail.com

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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