Thursday 6 June, 18:00Passed
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June 2024
Thursday 6
18:00 - 19:00

Voltaire in the street: what image of the Enlightenment?

Every month, a free tour for all ages from 12 upwards invites you to discover Voltaire and the Délices.
Thursday 6 June, 18:00Passed
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Bibliothèque de Genève

The former tenant of Les Délices saw his face broadcast during his lifetime. His portraits criss-crossed Europe, and his posthumous image took over the public arena in the form of effigies and other dedications. An embodiment of Enlightenment values, Voltaire was most recently attacked when a statue of him was vandalized in Paris, and has since been removed. This tour explores the contradictory legacy of the sulphurous philosopher - a promoter of freedom of expression to be celebrated, or an outdated figure to be erased?
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Yesterday or today ? (Intemporality of artwork), Does art need museums ? (role of museums), Is it needed to know how to draw in order to be an artist ? (art and contemporary expression), Yesterday's stars are they that different from contemporary ones ? (history / politics)

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Les Délices
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