Saturday 30 March, 11:00Passed
CHF 0.-
March 2024
Saturday 30
11:00 - 12:00
7 to 99 years old

"Once upon a time... The flower of the Balkans

Tales degenerated and told by GENEVEGAS. Saturday March 30 2024, from 11am to midday.
Saturday 30 March, 11:00Passed
CHF 0.-
Ciel Sourdeau

"Once upon a time..." returns to MEG for a third edition. For the occasion, the GENEVEGAS collective will be telling degenerate tales for children.

I love him, a little, a lot, madly, not at all... which petal will you fall on?

Artistexs :

MAMA BALKA......is from the Balkans, proudly sporting a little moustache and a great passion for sharing the fascinating stories of her life with children in French-speaking Switzerland. Her warm voice reveals the mysteries of her magical country, taking young and old on an unforgettable journey through the hills, legends and traditions of the Balkans.

TADA THE FAIRY... ...is part fairy, part human, bringing the magic of fairy tales to children with a knowing smile. She tells stories that light up their eyes as if by magic, adding an enchanting touch to every page. It's as if she has a little ray of sunshine in her heart that makes them happy.

This event is free of charge, but registration is recommended via the link opposite or by telephone on 022 418 45 50 (places are limited). Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the activity at the MEG reception desk.

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