21 May and 4 September
CHF 0.-
May 2024
Tuesday 21
16:00 - 18:00
September 2024
Wednesday 4
14:00 - 16:00
Accessible to the motor impaired

Remembering: Geneva in the Colonial World: A visit for teachers

Discover the new MEG exhibition Mémoires: Genève dans le monde colonial. Temporary exhibition. Tuesday 21 May from 4pm to 6pm and Wednesday 4 September from 2pm to 4pm.
21 May and 4 September
CHF 0.-
Encres au verso de cartons de vernissage. Entre 1934 et 1956 Archives du MEG 2013.V4/2

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In its new exhibition entitled "Memories. Geneva in the colonial world", MEG explores the history of its collections linked to the colonial era. Looking to the future, this exhibition is an invitation to reflect together on MEG's commitment to communities of origin and the fight against discrimination.
The visit will be preceded by a general presentation of MEG's educational offerings.

This presentation is free but registration is compulsory. Please send an e-mail to publics.meg@ville-ge.ch with the subject line "MEMOIRS visit for teachers on 21 May or Wednesday 4 September" followed by your contact details. Please be sure to indicate your preferred date.

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Divers dessins de l’artiste et collectionneur Émile Chambon (1905-1993) représentant des objets africains de sa collection personnelle, repérés sur le marché de l’art ou dans les musées.
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Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (MEG)
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Is history written by the victors ? (expression rights), Yesterday's stars are they that different from contemporary ones ? (history / politics), Yesterday or today ? (Intemporality of artwork)

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Boulevard Carl-VOGT 65, 1205 Genève