Sunday 16 June, 14:00
June 2024
Sunday 16
14:00 - 16:30

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Conservation projects focussing on the marsh gladiolus: visit of the Faverges Reserve

Discover one of the most beautiful sites in the canton, with thousands of flowers of is extremely rare and threatened species in Europe: the marsh gladiola.
Sunday 16 June, 14:00
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Escape in the company of experts to the Faverges Reserve, where a multitude of plants will be presented to you, in particular the magnificent marsh gladiolus. The conservation efforts put in place to maintain this species in this particular environment will also be explained to you.

Guides: David Leclerc (Pro Natura GE), Ervan Rutishauser (Pro Natura GE), Emmanuelle Favre (OCAN), Andreas Ensslin (CJBG)
Please note: This field trip takes place off-site at the Faverges Reserve, in all weather conditions. Suitable equipment is strongly recommended.
Duration: approx. 2 - 2.5 hours

Registration required.

The CJBG work to conserve our plants' heritage by inventorying and developing on-site protection measures for threatened species, revitalising environments or reintroducing endangered species.
As part of the festivities surrounding the 200th anniversary of the Conservatoire botanique in Geneva, the field trips organised in 2024 will take you on a tour of some examples of our conservation projects in the Lake Geneva region.

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Photographie d'une glaïeul des marais (Gladiolus palustris)
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Réserve des Faverges
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Stroll - Excursion
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General public
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Conservatoire et jardin botaniques
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100% gratuit, En plein air
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Arbres, Climate / Ecological transition, Nature
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And plants, do they also communicate ? (ecology / environment / climate), Does science bring more questions thant answers ? (science), Flower pot or masterpiece ? (know-how / craftmanship / tradition)

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  • Genève