Sunday 28 April, 11:00Passed
CHF 0.-
April 2024
Sunday 28
11:00 - 12:30
Accessible to the motor impaired
6 to 99 years old

Kids Sunday cinema: Song of the Sea

Identity, gender and sustainability: a series of films for children that tackle three important and topical social issues. Auditorium. Sunday 28 april 2024, 11am-12.30pm.
Sunday 28 April, 11:00Passed
CHF 0.-
Praesens-Film AG

MEG's Kids Sunday Films continue for another season, focusing on three essential and topical themes: decolonisation, gender and sustainability explained to children.

Animated films addressing these themes will be shown free of charge in the Museum Auditorium on several Sundays each month.

Film screened: Song of the Sea

Ben and Maïna live with their father at the top of a lighthouse on a small island. To protect them from the dangers of the sea, their grandmother takes them to live in the city. Ben discovers that his little sister is a selkie, a sea fairy whose song can deliver magical beings from the spell cast on them by the Owl Witch. On a fantastic journey, Ben and Maïna will have to face fears and dangers, and fight the witch to help the magical beings regain their power.

Film shown in French.

After the screening, the MEG Café will be delighted to welcome you for a family brunch.Please book directly with the MEG Café: 022/418 90 86.Subject to availability.Important: Please note that the cinema ticket does not include brunch.

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