Thursday 18 April, 11:00Passed
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April 2024
Thursday 18
11:00 - 11:45
Accessible to the intellectually impaired
Accessible to the hearing impaired
Accessible to the psychic impaired
Accessible to the motor impaired
4 to 105 years old

Ciné-relax X FILMARcito: Agua

Relaxed cinema sessions for everyone. Films that address the question of our relationship with living things. Auditorium. Thursday 18 April, 11 am to 12 noon.
Thursday 18 April, 11:00Passed
CHF 0.-
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RELAX, culture is for everyone. All audiences are welcome. All behaviours, even unexpected ones, are seen as an expression of feeling. Cultural life is open to all.
During this ciné-relax, we will be showing a series of short films about our relationship with water.
This series of short films is called Agua.
Without water, there would be no life.
We need to take care of it, use it properly and appreciate it at its true value.
These short films raise awareness of the importance of water in all its aspects.
The screening lasts 33 minutes
The screening is suitable for children aged 4 and over
The films have no dialogue
1. Agua by Robin Morales Reyes
2. Chimborazo by Keyla Cepeda Satán
3. Waterway for a fish by Mercedes Marro
4. Nosotros by Maria Paulina Ponce
5. Tierra sin mal by Katy Egely
6. Sopa de mar by Gustavo Tutti

Everyone is welcome during the relaxed films.
Everyone is for example:
parents with their babies,
elderly people,
people with disabilities,
people who are uncomfortable in closed public places.
How does a Relax outing work?
Before the film:
A person welcomes you and shows you the cinema.
A person gives you information about the film.
You enter the room.
The lights dim a little.
The film starts.
During the film :
The door of the room remains open: So you can enter and leave whenever you want.
The sounds of the show are soft.
All ways of reacting to the show are ok.
For example, you can laugh loudly.
Someone from the museum will be there if you need help.
At the end of the film you can :
Have a drink with your friends.
Talk about the show.
Visit the museum.
Ask for help to get home.
For example, to :
find out the bus and tram timetable of the TPG.
TPG stands for Transports Publics Genevois.
call a taxi
Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to call us on 022 418 45 15

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And plants, do they also communicate ? (ecology / environment / climate)

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