Saturday 2 March, 14:00Passed
CHF 12.- / CHF 8.-
March 2024
Saturday 2
14:00 - 17:00
16 to 99 years old
Fully booked

Vegetable dyeing workshop: the knowledge of Mexico's indigenous peoples

Adult vegetable dyeing workshop with anthropologist Beatrice Consagra Bretton. Saturday, March 2. 2pm to 5pm.
Saturday 2 March, 14:00Passed
CHF 12.- / CHF 8.-

Introduction to vegetable dyeing!
This workshop offers an introduction to vegetable dyeing, combining experimentation with dyeing and the transmission of knowledge acquired through the speaker's research in Mexico. This workshop offers an exceptional opportunity to explore some of the textiles from the MEG's collections and to observe the different dyeing processes used in Latin America.
It's also an opportunity to explore the captivating world of dyeing animal and vegetable fibres using natural ingredients from the Geneva region. This experience allows you to discover the different stages of this hand-crafted process, highlighting the importance of vegetable dyeing both in preserving craft traditions and in protecting the environment.
This workshop is offered by ASMETI, a non-profit association whose central mission is the preservation, promotion and dissemination of indigenous knowledge in Mexico. The association has set itself a number of objectives, including research, documentation and promotion of indigenous knowledge, with a particular focus on techniques such as the traditional loom and the dyeing of fibres using natural components.Website: https://asmeti.com/
Speaker : Beatrice Consagra Bretton, co-founder of ASMETI (see below), is an anthropologist whose work has focused on these indigenous arts of Mexico since 2017.Currently a project coordinator with the Traditional Knowledge Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in Geneva, she shares her passion for preserving and understanding these artistic and cultural practices.

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