Saturday 16 September 2023, 10:00Passed
September 2023
Saturday 16
10:00 - 10:30

Château de Lauzun

23 rue du Château, 47410 Lauzun
  • Lot-et-Garonne
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine

CANCELLED - The Seigneury of Lauzun through the ages: from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

On the occasion of this heritage weekend, come and visit the famous ducal castle of Lauzun. Let yourself be guided and discover our favourites!
Saturday 16 September 2023, 10:00Passed
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On the occasion of European Heritage Days, come visit the famous ducal castle of Lauzun.

The Castle of Lauzun, house of the first duke of Lauzun, Antonine Nompar de Caumont (1632-1723), is a monument listed(classified) since 1963.
His(Her,Its) architecture is an evidence of the architecture of Renaissance.
Be allowed guide and discover our favourites:

  • Both marble monumental fireplaces, in the style of Italian Renaissance, attributed(awarded) to the architect Pierre Souffron (architect of Henry de Navarre, future Henry IV), of whom that of the room(chamber) of the King offered by Catherine de Médicis.
  • The Gallo-Roman altar of the goddess Supervision.
    As for the large stateroom, it also kept(preserved) its decoration(set) of the XVIth century, in particular its ground laid with cobblestones by tomettes in the shape of diamond.
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About the location

Château de Lauzun
23 rue du Château, 47410 Lauzun
  • Lot-et-Garonne
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine
The donjon has existed already in the XIIIth century. In 1305, the Lord receives the royal authorisation to strengthen the building. The old fortress is transformed in the XVth century and the built ramparts. The castle Renaissance is built by 1539 next to the first one, to which it was attached in the XVIIth century by a detached house(flag). The main door opens in the centre of the building(ship). This door is framed(supervised) of four marble columns, in Corinthian capitals(big tops), supporting(bearing) a cornice decorated with moldings with an entablature. A cut and circular front wall(pediment) carries in its centre, in a square panel(sign) flanked(thrown) by acanthus leaves, the weapons of Lauzun. One second hit, framed(supervised) by two fluted pilasters supporting(bearing) a small entablature, opens to the right(straight) end of the facade. A detached house(flag) built in the XVIIth century, restored and finished(ended) in the XVIIIth century, amounts at right angles to the facade, covered with a roofing streamlines it which made it nicknamed " the dome ". Roman votive altar of the IIth century.
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