16 and 17 September 2023Passed
Free. Free entry. Subject to availability.
September 2023
Saturday 16
10:00 - 12:30
14:30 - 18:00
Sunday 17
10:00 - 12:30
14:30 - 18:00
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7 to 99 years old

Vesunna, site-musée gallo-romain

20 rue du 26ème Régiment d'Infanterie, 24000 Périgueux
  • Dordogne
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Agatha Christie in search of archaeology

Events around the temporary exhibition: «Agatha Christie in search of archaeology».
16 and 17 September 2023Passed
Free. Free entry. Subject to availability.

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2023
10h-12h30 and 14h30-18h
Open access

  • Saturday 16 September at 3pm
    Lectures (1/2 hour each) followed by a discussion
    Revealing an Assyrian capital: the excavations of Max Mallowan in Nimrud, Iraq, 1949-1958
    Lecture by Gaëlle Coqueugniot, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Mondes
    Nimrud is one of the capitals of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, which dominates much of the East around 900-600 BC. After its discovery and the clearing of some monuments in the nineteenth century, It is the subject of extensive excavations by the British School of Archaeology in Iraq, under the direction of Max Mallowan. The site, which lasts several months a year in often difficult conditions, is characteristic of archaeology in the East in this pivotal period, where modern excavation techniques are gradually adopted. Beyond the important archaeological findings published by the excavators, the memoirs of Max Mallowan and his wife Agatha Christie offer a valuable testimony to life on the ground and to Eastern archaeology in the mid-twentieth century.
    Meeting point in Khorsabad: discovering the Assyrians and the pioneers of Eastern archaeology
    Lecture by Grégoire Nicolet, Department of Oriental Antiquities of the Louvre Museum
    In March 1843, Paul-Emile Botta discovered large reliefs of stone under the mound of Khorsabad and thus rediscovered the Assyrians. With this discovery, he launched archaeological research in Mesopotamia and the cuneiform inscriptions that covered these stones also accelerated the deciphering of this writing. This conference traces the adventure of the pioneers of Eastern archaeology who brought the Assyrians from Khorsabad to the Louvre Museum in Paris, a journey that was marked among other things by the tragic episode of the sinking of the boats of Victor Place. It will also give a large place to the architecture of the palace built by Sargon II as well as to Assyrian art through the collections of the Louvre.
    Subject to availability of places
  • During both days
    Archaeological site and exhibition «Agatha Christie in search of archaeology»
    Free access during the two daysThe Tower of Gaul of AlixDigital projection of original plates extracted from the albums: Alix the intrepid, The travels of Alix: Babylon Mesopotamia, Alix senator: The slave of Khorsabad. On the occasion of its 75th anniversary and as part of its Tour de Gaule emblematic sites of the Gallo-Roman era, Alix makes another stop in Périgueux. Because his story begins in Khorsabad (Iraq), this comic character is linked with the exhibition «Agatha Christie in search of archaeology» and with the conference of Grégoire Nicolet. Khorsabad was indeed one of the main cities of the Assyrian Empire, with Nineveh and Nimrud where Max Mallowan and Agatha Christie searched. A partnership with Casterman and the Festival BD de Bassillac-et-Auberoche.
    Guided tour of the Vesunna Museum
    11h-15h and 16h (except during Saturday afternoon conferences)
    The domus of Vésone and the museum of Jean Nouvel
    45 min. Subject to availability. Free
    Restitution of the «This is my Heritage» device
    Discover the adventures of Agatha Christie in the Middle East around an original work filmed in stop-motion (directors Lara and Maud JASKULA of the Association Les Embobinés), with the recording of children in voice-over. Video broadcast in the museum, streaming.
    Family animation
    Workshop-discovery and archeo-playful manipulations supervised by the mediators of the museum to learn about the archaeological missions of Agatha Christie on the excavation sites of the Middle East.
    Workshop from 7 years old, to do with family
    Subject to availability. Free
    Investigation with Agatha
    Game booklet to visit the exhibition Agatha Christie in search of archaeology in family.
    From 7 years old
    Due to sanitary measures come equipped with a personal pencil
    The gifts of Silvinus
    Game booklet to visit Vesunna with your family.
    From 7 years old
    Due to sanitary measures come equipped with a personal pencil
    Audio guided tour of Vesunna
    Discovery of Vesunna, the archaeological site of the domus of Vesone and collections
    Gallo-Roman that evoke the history of ancient Périgueux.
    French, English, German, Spanish
    Link on smartphone given at reception
    Tèrra Aventura – “Vesone and the Dragon”
    A treasure hunt to visit the Gallo-Roman city otherwise
    Over the whole period
    Open access
    An original walk based on the principle of Geocaching that allows you to discover New Aquitaine while having fun!
    In Périgueux, the thematic route «Zigomatix» will allow you to discover the Gallo-Roman city and the district of the City, while having fun. It is for all, for a good time with family!
    How to play? Just download the free Tèrra Aventura app 100% on your phone, and follow the directions.
    Go in search of the Holy Grail: the Poi'z. These small characters with strong character populate the universe of “Terra Aventura”… and their badges are collectible! But be careful, to find them, you will have to pick up clues and solve puzzles.
    To view the full program and schedules, please visit the museum website: www.perigueux-vesunna.fr and the site www.culture.gouv.fr/We-know/National events/European Heritage Days.
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About the location

Vesunna, site-musée gallo-romain
20 rue du 26ème Régiment d'Infanterie, 24000 Périgueux
  • Dordogne
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine
In an unique(only) concept in Europe and an audacious(adventurous) architecture of Jean Nouvel, the site-museum Vesunna presents the Roman origins of Périgueux on the vestiges of a big(great) Gallo-Roman house, the domus of Vésone. Exceptional archaeological collections, supplemented by models, tell the ancient city and the lifestyles of his inhabitants, Pétrucores. Outside, in the park, rises the imposing Tower of Vésone, vestige of an old(former) Gallo-Roman temple.
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