17 and 18 September 2022Passed
September 2022
Saturday 17
14:00 - 19:30
Sunday 18
10:00 - 18:00
0 to 99 years old

Parc Dupeyroux

23 rue des Mèches 94000 Créteil
  • Val-de-Marne
  • Île-de-France

Parks and Gardens in Celebration "Sustainable Heritage"

17 and 18 September 2022Passed
Ville de Créteil

Expo Photo: Imaginary Cabins Around the World N. Henry and its associated artists Imaginary Cabins Around the World is a collection of images and testimonies from communities around the world. He develops universal human themes. The stakes of this project have come closer over time to that of a travelling theatre.
Parc Dupeyroux Guided routes (departure at the reception) Saturday: 3pm Sunday: 3pm
Centre horticole de Mandres les Roses (registration at the reception) Free shuttle – departure Parc Dupeyroux Sunday: 10:30am & 2pm
Heritage days (Registration at the culture and heritage stand) Visits to various sites with the CAUE 94 (City Hall, Prefecture, Château des Mèches, etc.) and with other partners (ancient heritage, places of worship, various sites). In the Palais district, 50 Years of Cabbage Festival with many speakers: Workshops (wooden models, 3D prints, T-shirt decoration), Animations (mini-sports course, construction games, architectural and digital tours, radio report, show), Exhibition photos (the Palace, the Cabbages, their inhabitants). Free tours, directly accessible or by registration, depending on the location. Documentation and postcards available in the Park and in the Palais district.

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About the location

Parc Dupeyroux
23 rue des Mèches 94000 Créteil
  • Val-de-Marne
  • Île-de-France
The Dupeyroux Park is a wooded area, historical witness of our city, with its English garden. Renovated in the 19th century, it is established on the former site of the fief of Pontault which included a castle Louis XIII. It is now spread around a 19th century Italian style villa that has become the prefectural residence.
Espace naturel, parc, jardin
M8 Créteil-Université / Bus 317 Château / TVM Ecole du Musique