Saturday 17 September 2022, 17:00Passed
September 2022
Saturday 17
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FRAC Grand Large

503 avenue des bancs de Flandres, 59140 Dunkerque
  • Nord
  • Hauts-de-France

Visit of the exhibition «Horizon(s)» at the Frac

Four establishments, four anniversaries, one territory: the Frac, the LAAC, the Musée du Dessin et de l'Estampe Originale (Gravelines) and the Port Museum.
Saturday 17 September 2022, 17:00Passed
Capucine Vever, La Relève, 2019 © Adagp, Paris, 2022 / Droits réservés

September 17, 2022 to April 23, 2023
2022 is symbolic in many ways for culture in the Dunkirk Urban Community. This date marks the anniversaries of four major structures of the dunkirk: the Frac Grand Large (40 years), the LAAC (40 years), the Musée du Dessin et de l'Estampe Originale in Gravelines (40 years) and the Dunkirk Port Museum (30 years).
The exhibition «Horizon(s)» shows an unprecedented cross-section of works from these four collections. The pieces presented, remarkable for their variety in terms of technique or period, together form a network that echoes the specificity of a territory at the crossroads and maritime routes. “Horizon(s)” will also be the occasion for specific programming aimed at audiences. Each structure will conduct original tours of the exhibition in order to propose multiple points of view on a horizon that brings us together.
With the works of: Charley Case, Hans Haacke, Paul Hemery, Helen Mirra, Ria Pacquée, Erez Nevi Pana, UZÈS, Capucine Vever

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About the location

FRAC Grand Large
503 avenue des bancs de Flandres, 59140 Dunkerque
  • Nord
  • Hauts-de-France
Located on the port(bearing) of Dunkirk, the building(ship) of the Wide Big(Great) Tail coat(Frac) — Hauts-de-France was conceived(designed) by the architects Lacaton and Vassal, and is in itself a remarkable work, storage place and place of exhibition(exposure) opened on the horizon. It is conceived(designed) as retort(replica) in transparency of the old(former) hall(market) AP2: «Workshop(Studio) of prefabrication n°2», historic witness(baton) of the dunkerquoise shipbuilding industry.
The Wide Big(Great) Tail coat(Frac) — Hauts-de-France possesses a collection devoted to design, revealing its opening in the world of objects and testifying a real international mixing of sources(springs) and creations. This exceptional collection, going of 1960s in today, establishes(constitutes) the pivot of its programme planning(programming) in walls and in region.
It also developed its collection around an initial pit(core) devoted to arte povera, minimal art, conceptual art, and to so various mediums as painting(paint), photography and installation.
Musée, salle d'exposition, Lieu de spectacles, sports et loisirs