17 and 18 September 2022Passed
September 2022
Saturday 17
14:00 - 18:00
Sunday 18
10:00 - 18:00

Les arènes de Senlis

22 Place des arènes - 60300 Senlis
  • Oise
  • Hauts-de-France

Mini exhibition of history and archaeology at the Arena of Senlis

Stands will present the different aspects of the heritage of Senlis, publications, animations, ephemeral museum, gastronomy...
17 and 18 September 2022Passed

Workshops of the Society of History and Archaeology of Senlis: demonstration of toges, ancient games, history photo stands, ephemeral bookshop of regional history and archaeology, ephemeral museum, honey of the Arenas, cotignac of Senlis

Types d'événement
Atelier / Démonstration / Savoir-faire
Thème 2022
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About the location

Les arènes de Senlis
22 Place des arènes - 60300 Senlis
  • Oise
  • Hauts-de-France
Small building of Gallo-Roman show of ellipsoidal shape and of semi-dug(semi-accentuated) type rediscovered in 1865\. Vomitoires main things(head teachers), vomitoires secondary sectors(high schools,Secondary), wall of catwalk, carceres, chapels, catch basin, staircases of access to bleachers, cavea are still visible. Acquired and cleared away by the Company(Society) of history(story) and of archaeology of Senlis, they always belong to this association.
Site archéologique, Monument historique
Highway A1, taken(brought) out Senlis / coach station, sideboard(service) by coach since Chantilly(Whipped cream), Creil, etc.
M. Popineau