Mobile Cinema

Jeudi 23 février, 18h00
Mobile Cinema

Screening of 5 short-films

Mobile Cinema 

Screening of 5 short-films produced by ArtLab and directed by young Jerusalemites in the framework of ASAS project, followed by a discussion with the team
Thursday 23 February at 6pm at the French Institute of Jerusalem - Chateaubriand.
In Arabic with English subtitles | Free entrance | In partnership with ArtLab and the EU

The synopsis of the short-films

The story is about a Palestinian nurse who works at Hadassah hospital. One day on his way back home, he receives a call from his fiancée telling him there is a picture of him fulfilling his duties as a nurse and helping an injured Palestinian boy all over the internet and he is receiving threats.

The story is about Tarek, a young man, preparing breakfast and calling Kareem, his best friend, to come over so they can eat together, only to find out through social media that Kareem was shot dead mistaken for Tarek.

Bride X
This film presents the issue of physical or verbal violence to which women around us are exposed to in the society, whether from their families or their husbands. To this day, many women suffer from domestic violence in their homes. If we do not experience it, this does not mean that it doesn't Exist.

This film presents the suffering of the Palestinian people who have been killed through different eras. There is at least one martyr in a lot of Palestinian families.

This is a documentary film highlighting Ameera's life as a visually impaired young woman. Through this film, Ameera introduces her life to the public, as well as her hopes and dreams for the future despite all the challenges she may face.

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