Side position of safety(security)

Bétonsalon - Arts centre and centre of research(search,íresearch) presents side Position of safety(security), a collective exhibition(exposure) which questions the place(square) of violence in social

Xinyi Cheng, Coiffeur, 2017, huile sur lin, 80 × 140 cm. Courtesy galerie Balice-Hertling, Paris.

PRIVATE VIEW ON JANUARY 29TH, from 18 h till 21 h. One 30-01 in 20-04-2019 Police captains(Commissioners): Guslagie Malanda and Lucas Morin With: Thelma Cappello, Xinyi Cheng, Nathanaëlle Herbelin, Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers and Rehana Zaman, Georgia Lucas-Going, Adrian Mabileau Ebrahimi Tajadod, Dala Nasser, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Hamid Shams, Patrick Staff Side position of safety(security) gathers(combines) ten artists who question the role of violence in the public and private spheres. They and they are interested in the construction of an emotional diet(regime) of violence, which deeply overlaps close friend and politician. In this exhibition(exposure) of group which mixes(involves) artists living in France and artists living abroad whose work does not have or not much shown in Paris, every intervention questions the place(square) of the witness(baton) in the perpetuation of systems of oppression, putting the visitors facing difficult contradictions of artistic and political practices. Press release: %link0% / IMG / pdf / cp_position_laterale_de_securite_betonsalon_2019.pdf

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