From discovery to gold standard in Oncology

This workshop's goal is to share best practices from France and abroad to ensure that the next big thing is properly identified, protected, maturated and transferred from academia to the industry.

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  • Investors (VC, CVC, BA...)
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  • Public Organisations
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  • Tech transfer

The identification of these breakthrough innovations at the earliest stage is the grail of most stakeholders at the interface of research and development. The goal of this workshop is to share practice from France and aboard ensuring that the next big thing would be properly identified, protected, maturated and transferred from academia to the industry ensuring a successful development that would reach researchers and patients at some point.

Researchers, clinicians and industries have witnessed the emergence of broad range of innovations over the past years in Oncology, including but not limited to cell and gene therapies, machine learning and immunotherapy.

Being able to forecast the next one is a tricky game of changing targets, as drug candidates or methods might be already under development within labs. Therefore, this conference aims to:

  • Raise the awareness of all the stakeholders involved in the improvements of cancer diagnosis and therapies.

  • Have experts from multiple domains including both scientific and business perspective sharing their experience and their opinions on the future of oncology.

  • Promote discussion on the future of therapies and networking among the participants.

    This event is organised by Institut Curie with the support of FINDMED and PSL and

13h30 Introduction

  • Sarah Pedroza, Co-managing Director - Hello Tomorrow
  • Amaury Martin, Head of tech transfer office - Institut Curie

The place of Tech transfer in France and abroad - hosted by Isabelle Peltier-Bressac, Founder & CEO at AttLeva Conseils

  • Amaury Martin, Head of tech transfer office - Institut Curie
  • Cédric Denis-Remi, Vice President Innovation PSL
  • Eliane Piaggo, Research Team Leader in Translational Immunology - Institut Curie

Tech transfer option: entrepreneurship or license ? hosted by Bruno Rostand, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Director - PSL

  • Jérémie Weber, Start-up, licence and industrial parternships Manager - Institut Curie
  • Luc Boblet, Serial entrepreneur
  • Frederic Scaerou, Lead Director, Business Development & Licensing, Oncology at Servier Pharmaceuticals
  • Maximilien Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Aqemia

Coffee Break

From discovery to early stage clinical trial hosted by Amaury Martin, Head of tech transfer office - Institut Curie

  • Arnaud Foussat Partner – Advent Life Sciences, CEO Alderaan biotechnology, CEO Yukin Therapeutics
  • Marisol Urbieta, Oncology Medical Affairs Head – Astrazeneca
  • Manuel Rodriguez, Oncologist at Institut Curie

From innovation to gold standard hosted by Timothé Cynober, Business Manager - Institut Curie

  • Decebal Bora, VP Regulatory Science Voisin Consulting Life sciences
  • Jean Marc PINGUET, National Market Access and Pricing Director, Personalized Healthcare Director - Roche France
  • Sylvie Bonvalot, Visceral and digestive Surgeon - Institut Curie

Conclusion - Amaury Martin presenting Live illustration drawn during the conference by Emmanuelle Kiener (Manuka)

Cocktail & Networking

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