Route Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

The great sailing event of summer 2020.

For 18 years, every two years, international sailors and sailing lovers from all around the world gather for a 350-mile ocean race between Halifax (NS, Canada) and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. Established race in the competition program of the North American coast, the ROUTE is also the opportunity for a great celebration in Saint-Pierre. A Grand Prix in the bay in front “l’île aux Marins” and 7 days of live music at the Café de la Route, the people of the Archipelago share French culture and hospitality with crews and visitors. A must!

10th edition in summer 2020, start of the race on june 26th

A great innovation in 2020 : Route Saint-Pierre Québec

Building on its position in this exceptional calendar, a second ROUTE will succeed Route Halifax Saint-Pierre in 2020: Route Saint-Pierre Québec, whose departure will be from Saint-Pierre on monday; june 29,2020.

Follow the news of the ROUTE to get the full program: