Nanda Vigo, the inner space

From July 07, 2022 to January 01, 2023, go to the MADD of Bordeaux to discover the work of Nanda Vigo!

Nanda Vigo

Nanda Vigo, the inner space is an exhibition that introduces the work of the artist through immersive installations. Architecture, art and design are approached as total creative fields. The objective is to see, perceive and feel all the dimensions of Nanda Vigo’s artistic creation. More than a chronological presentation of her career, it is an experience that allows the audience to live the unframed dimension of her work.

  • Opening : Wednesday 6 July at 7 pm

An immersive exhibition

In order to communicate the contemporary, innovative and total value of Nanda Vigo's work, several historic environments and installations, most of which have been demolished, will be reconstructed. Immersed in a sensory experience that invites introspection, visitors will be able to understand the philosophical research that is omnipresent and fundamental to the artist's work. Glass, aluminum, mirrors and neon lights, characteristic materials of her work, echo each other to appeal to our senses and give materiality to Nanda Vigo's philosophical reflection. A series of his iconic objects will thus be presented, the Cronotopo, these geometric sculptures in glass, neon and steel, which fragment the light to the point of disturbing our perception of space.
Since 1959, Nanda Vigo has surpassed the frame and has gone out of the work to touch the spectator: the image becomes an environment where to live, act and react.

A woman artist

Nanda Vigo, constantly renewing herself, has produced a considerable work. She has established herself in the predominantly male avant-garde universe, thanks to her strong personality, and has earned the respect of the greatest artists, such as Lucio Fontana, with whom she has collaborated on several occasions. However, despite her remarkable career, and like many other women artists or designers, her work has not yet acquired the recognition it deserves today.

Organized in collaboration with the Archivio Nanda Vigo - founded in Milan by the artist herself in 2013 -, this exhibition, which will be her first monograph in France, is both a tribute to her work and to her figure as an artist woman.

About the venue

39, rue Bouffard