The glass Christmas tree in Bordeaux

Once again this year, the Place Pey-Berland will be decorated with a superb giant glass Christmas tree!

The Place Pey-Berland is adorned with a work "made in Bordeaux", signed by Arnaud Lapierre, playing with the effects of mirrors and lights. An artistic, sustainable and sober vision of the Christmas tree, with a low carbon impact.
It is a faceted object of emerald coloured one-way mirrors, which fits in with the symbolism of the tree by its size, shape, colour and silhouette. It is a modern, artistic object, which goes to the essential by avoiding over-decoration. It transmits a maximum of visual and emotional effects; it is an urban object that appeals. The 11-metre high tree, which can be dismantled and reused, is a local creation by the Bordeaux metalwork company and the Press Citron company.
"This iconic translation of the Christmas tree is an invitation to come closer to capture and contemplate the mirror effects that refract the lights on its environment (one of the most beautiful squares in Bordeaux!)" - Arnaud Lapierre.

Practical information

  • Until 7 January
  • Every day from 7am to 9.30am and from 5pm to midnight.
  • Place Pey Berland
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