200 years of the Pont de Pierre!

Classified as a historical monument in 2002, the Bordeaux "Pont de Pierre" celebrates its bicentennial this year.

© Ville de Bordeaux

Its name remains enigmatic. But since its opening to the public on May 1, 1822, the Pont de Pierre, described at the time as the "monument of the century", has been an integral part of the history of Bordeaux. A true architectural feat, this work of art is the result of a heroic construction site and successive audacious projects. Since 1822, only five bridges have been built over the Garonne in Bordeaux.
In Bordeaux, the width of the Garonne - nearly 500 meters -, the force of the currents and tides, the muddy waters and the silt, but also the commercial power of the port of the Moon, have long frightened men who were content to cross the "sea" of the Garonne, as it was called in the past, by ferry. Since 1822, the stone bridge cuts through the river and sea traffic and connects the two banks.

Through a wide range of festivities, the City of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Metropole celebrate this year the oldest of its bridges. It is an opportunity to (re)discover, in the heart of the UNESCO site, the incredible epic of the stone bridge, built on the orders of Napoleon I.
From May to August 2022, find a busy program available on the city and metropolis websites.