Make it new. Conversations with medieval art - carte blanche to Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets puts opposite a selection of manuscripts illuminated by the IXth century with works representative of minimalist and conceptual art as well as land art.

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Louange à la sainte croix de Raban Maur, vers 847. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscrits

medieval art establishes(constitutes) one of the sources of inspiration of Jan Dibbets, major face(figure) of the contemporary artistic stage(scene). Curator of the exhibition, the artist puts opposite a selection of manuscripts illuminated of Her Commendation in Sainte-Croix, an extraordinary book of Raban Maur dating the IXth century, celebrates for her figurative poems, with around thirty works representative of minimalist and conceptual art as well as land art.
Exhibition(Exposure) carries a new look on medieval art and lights(enlightens) the artistic approach(initiative) of Dibbets and those of contemporary artists among the most powerful of its generation as Carl Andre or else François Morellet.
An invitation to to be contemplated and to make have talks works of art which more than 1 000 years separate.
Jan Dibbets
Charlotte Denoël, chief conservative(curator), department of Manuscripts, BNF
Erik Verhagen, contemporary lecturer in history of art, university of Valenciennes

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