Toys of the space

immediate Take-off! Saucers, rockets, robots, capsules, aliens, pistols lasers of the imagination in the real, there is not limit to dream and to travel the head in stars.

Musée du Jouet

This exhibition(exposure) is a chance to present exceptional and rare rooms(parts,plays) from 1930 to our days, to include attraction better that the space on the collective imagination always practiced. Of literature in comics then by the cinema and television series, the manufacturers of toys seized fast the heroic and mythological potential of the space. Of the first laser pistol Buck Rogers of 1934, in Space Man Nomura of 1957 or else in mechanical Dalek Codeg of 1965, exposed(explained) toys all tell a story and thanks to an immersif and coloured decoration(set), they accompany the visitors throughout a staged space. An amazing and living route(course) which redraws in a play way big(great) evolutions and declensions of the toys of the space. Japanese tin toys of postwar years, in the productions of the old(former) Soviet block, of Star Trek to star Wars, Robby the robot to Goldorak, of AND in march Attacks! board with us for a journey in boundaries of the universe and of the imagination. Around exhibition(exposure) //A staged huge decoration(set) An unknown planet to discover strange inhabitants..... Lego and Playmobil meets and tells in a space and titanic direction(fabrication). Staged by Claude Steiblé, of the association forward Figurines. //A border of arcade For an atmosphere pixel and retro, a border of arcade enters to the Museum. To discover, Space Invaders, game(set,play) monstrously classic which revolutionised the world of video games in its outing(exit) and that celebrates its 40 years this year. //Meteorites To admire in the exhibition(exposure) of brightness of meteorites resulting(coming) from collections of the Museum of mineralogy of Strasbourg. //A new room of activities A space entirely rethought just next to exhibition(exposure), to play, to have fun and to discover in family or between friends. Colouring, corner(place) reading and games(sets), vrac Lego for a funny and cosmic atmosphere!

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About the venue

40 rue Vauban - 68000 Colmar
  • Tourisme et handicap

Opened since 1993 and done up in an old(former) local cinema, the Toy Museum of Colmar receives(welcomes) small and big(great) for a play and thematic discovery of the toys which marked our childhood.
The museum renews regularly its shop windows(showcases) and present so more than 1000 toys which are divided on 3 levels of visit. Collections are widely documented and propose a dive in different universes and times(periods).
Every year, the museum puts forward(advances), in an entirely staged space, a temporary exhibition(exposure) which groups(includes) a selection of toys goshawks of devoted themes.

Access: Entered: 5,50 € / young Entrance(Entry) (8-15 years including): 4,20 € / less than 8 years: free

Musée du Jouet Musée du Jouet