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So what is Cibul?

Cibul is all about public events

You can look for them

You can publish your own

You can share them

Use the what/when/where search tool in the header Create an account and publish in minutes Republish your events on Facebook in one click Create a page with your selection of events, embed it in your website Send neat html emails showing your events

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Searching for events
How can I search for things to do?, How does the what widget work?, How does the when widget work?, How does the where widget work?
User Accounts
How do I create an account? What do I do with my new account?
Publishing events
Which tags should I use? How do I embed media in my event? What is this check box under the Create button?
What is a program?

Searching for events

How to use the what search widget

Type in any keyword in the field

Click on the suggestions to add them

Link to a page with more keywords

How to use the when search widget

Click on a date to limit your search to that date.

Click on two dates to limit it to a period.

Click here to select a month or year

How to use the where search widget

1. Type in an address, city or region name.

2. If several options show, pick one

3. To change, you can also drag the little guy

4. Adjust the search radius by dragging this

User Accounts

How to Connect/Log on

Click on "Connect" in the header to get started

You can connect with your Twitter or Facebook accounts

If you don't have or don't want to use Facebook or Twitter, you can create an account on Cibul

Once you reach the sign up form, all you have to do is: 1) Fill the form 2) Prove you are human 3) Click on the link in the activation mail you received

Getting started on OpenAgenda

Start using your open data personnalized and geolocated agenda

You can also follow the agendas already published on the site

Publishing events

Tag suggestions

Here is a list of commonly used tags

Add all the tags you can think of that best can describe your event.

Remember to separate tags with commas.


art, ballet, concert, electro, clubbing, comédie, conférence, danse, disco, exposition, fête, funk, humour, jazz, musique, opéra, rock, spectacle, soirée, théâtre


art, ballet, concert, electro, clubbing, comedy, conference, danse, disco, exhibition, funk, humor, jazz, music, opera, party, rock, show, evening, theater


abend, ballett, electro, clubbing, comedy, konferenz, konzert, kunst, tanz, disco, ausstellung, funk, humor, jazz, musik, oper, partei, rock, show, theater


arte, ballet, conciertos, electro, discotecas, comedia, conferencias, danza, disco, exposición, funk, humor, jazz, música, la ópera, partido, rock, show, noche, teatro


arte, balletto, concerti, elettronica, clubbing, commedia, conferenza, danse, discoteca, mostre, funk, umorismo, jazz, musica, opera, party, rock, spettacolo, serate, teatro


kunst, ballet, concert, electro, clubbing, comedy, conference, dans, disco, tentoonstelling, funk, humor, jazz, muziek, opera, party, rock, show, avonds, theater


arte, balé, concertos, electro, clubbing, comédia, conferência, danse, disco, exposições, funk, humor, jazz, música, ópera, festa, rock, show, noite, teatro


الفن ، والباليه والحفلات الموسيقية، الضرب بالهراوات الكهربائية ، والكوميديا، والمؤتمرات ، دانس، ديسكو، معرض ،الفانك، والنكتة، والجاز، والموسيقى والأوبرا والحزب، الصخرة، وتبين، مساء اليوم، والمسرح


list, ballett, tónleika, raf, clubbing, gamanleikur, ráðstefna, danse, diskó, sýning, fönk, húmor, jazz, tónlist, óperur, veisla, rokk, sýning, kvöld, leikhús

How to embed Media in your event page

Nothing easier. Paste the url of the video/image/soundtrack page in the free text field of your event and you are done.

The link will be replaced by the media once the event page is loaded. You can write before or after your embed link or even add several embed links.

Here is a list of the video services that can be embedded: Youtube, Vimeo, Embedr, Twitvid, Clikthrough

and a list of photo services: Flickr, Photobucket (click on share), Instagram

another for soundtrack services: Soundcloud, Bandcamp

Creating an event without publishing

If you tick the checkbox under the Create button, your event will be created without being publicly accessible on the web. You can publish it at a later time by simply going on the event page from your home and by clicking on the 'publish' button.


What is an agenda?

Simply put, an agenda is a selection of events.

...events created by you or any user on cibul

This selection can be commented, categorized, sorted, filtered and integrated on any website.

Integration is done using a simple embed code to add to your website

Agendas can be created by anyone who wants to share a selection through a dedicated page.

Agendas can be created around a Theme, be a Venue schedule, shows of a specific Artist, a Museum, a Blog, or simply a personal selection of events

Welcome to your agenda!

It is currently empty. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Customize your agenda

    Change your image, background, description, etc via the manage link

  • Publish an Event

    Or add an existing event to your agenda: make an event search and click on add to agenda