18 April to 25 May

Free entrance. Free admission for workshops upon registration.


Launched in collaboration with Voilah! and Ubisoft, The Art Behind the Game – The Ubisoft Experience is an exhibition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the world-renowned video game franchise, Assassin’s Creed.

Curated and designed by Wy-to Architects, the exhibition will allow visitors to dive into three intertwined stories - the history of French gaming company Ubisoft; the Assassin’s Creed saga, its rich historical setting and the contributions of the Singapore studio to the franchise; and for the first time in Singapore, visitors will also be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and the faces behind the game.

Visitors will also get the opportunity to learn more about the game creation process, the research behind it as well as the design of the characters, sound and music. They will also get to understand the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in the process of game development.

Exclusive workshops will also be held at the National Design Centre, where art directors, designers and producers from Ubisoft will share about their work and passion.

/!\ NEW WORKSHOP AVAILABLE: The Teams Behind Ubisoft Singapore on 18 May, Amanda GWA /!\

- 20 Apr, 6.30 - 8pm: Art in Motion: A Live Speed Drawing Session by Associate Art Director Kobe Sek and Senior Art Director, Mohamed Gambouz. REGISTRATION FULL.

- 2 May, 6.30pm - 8pm: Discovering the Tech Behind the Waves by Paul Fu. Uncover how naval technology has evolved in the Assassin’s Creed franchise with Lead Designer, Paul Fu. REGISTRATION FULL

- 9 May, 6.30pm - 8pm: The Power of Big Brands by Olivier De Rotalier. Register here.

- 17 May, 6pm - 6.30pm and 8pm - 8.30pm: The Sky is Yours: Eagle Flight VR Demo. REGISTRATION FULL

Take to the skies and experience the freedom of exploring Paris from a never-before seen perspective with the Ubisoft VR game, Eagle Flight!

- 17 May, 6.30pm - 8pm: Lessons in VR from Ubisoft by Chris Early, VP of Partnerships. REGISTRATION FULL.

Join Ubisoft’s VP of Digital Publishing as he goes head first into VR! Early will touch on the rise of VR in gaming and breakthroughs on comfort in VR. He’ll also discuss key learnings from insights on player behavior to design considerations using examples from Ubisoft’s VR titles including Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Cre

- 18 May, 4.30pm - 5.30pm: The Teams Behind Ubisoft Singapore by Amanda Gwa. Register here.

Join Talent Acquisition Specialist Amanda Gwa for a 30-minute sharing session about exciting careers at Ubisoft Singapore. Following this, there will be a 30 minute Q&A session

- 18 May, 6.30pm - 8pm. Developing Assassin’s Creed: A Sharing Session With Our Producers. REGISTRATION FULL

Join Senior Producer Hugues Ricour, Produce Arnaud Vaudour, Executive Producer Sebastien Puel and Creative Director Justin Farren as they talk about their experiences and stories developing Assassin’s Creed in Singapore and Montreal, Canada. Attendees will also get the chance to learn about the origins of the brand and how its development expanded to the Singapore studio.

National Design Centre

111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969

  • April 2017

    • Tuesday 18 09:00 - 21:00